The Best Damp Proof Meter on the Market- See our Top Picks At Each Price Range

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Damp proof meters are extremely useful devices. They are useful, not just for potential homebuyers, but for anybody that wants to keep tabs on damp levels in a property. For construction industry professionals and damp surveyors, they are really a necessity.

A damp proof meter can be extremely useful way of finding damp in a variety of situations. Some would even say that every home should have one!

Because of this, there is an extensive range of damp proof meters on the market and a wide range of prices.

In this article we will be looking at what you can expect from damp proof meters in each price bracket. Including the features and flaws that you might expect to find.

Best Damp Proof Meters Over £100 

For damp proof meters in this range, the name to look out for is Protimeter. It is actually a brand name, but it’s also a name that has become synonymous with damp meters themselves.

Protimeter products are the top of the range and they offer a variety of damp proof meters, fit for various uses. Some are aimed at building industry professionals. These can cost upwards of £500. But there are other models that are more appropriate for ‘everyday’ domestic use.

Protimeter Digital Mini

protimeter digital mini damp prrof meter

This is a highly regarded damp proof meter, from both proffesionals and DIY users. It receives extremely positive reviews and is reasonably priced, especially considering it is a top of the range damp meter.

The Digital Mini offers a durable design. This provides simple and easy-to-read results and features colour changing LEDs to indicate the condition of a surface.

  • Green indicates ‘dry’;
  • Amber is ‘borderline’
  • Red is ‘damp’.

As with most damp proof meters, it is calibrated to assess damp levels in wood, primarily – but offers WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) readings for many other surfaces.

This meter would be ideal for a professional. However, it could also be suitable for home use. Especially if you require highly reliable, detailed readings in a variety of materials.

To learn more about the Protimeter Digital Mini and read reviews click here

Survey Master BLD5365 Damp Meter

survey master moisture meter

The Survey Master is a proffesional grade damp proof meter. This is reflected in the price. If you arent a proffessional, then this may be slightly excessive. However for the proffesional user it is extremely versatile.

Not only can this meter can give accurate moisture measurements in hard wood and soft wood, plaster, cement and brick. It also has the added benefit of being able to measure the humidity and air temperature. This can be particularly useful at identifying high levels of condensation in a property.

This device earns strong reviews and benefits from a backlit screen and a self-checking function to ensure it is working effectively at all times. It also comes with 2 years warranty.

To learn more about the Survey Master and read reviews click here

 Best Damp Proof Meters between £50-£100

7250 Moisture Meter by ETI Ltd

ETI 7250 damp meter

The 7250 Moisture Meter is a damp proof meter suitable for timber and all general building materials.

The digital display which features a 20-LED bar graph is designed with building industry professionals and tradesmen in mind.

The 7250 Moisture Meter makes a good alternative for the more expensive Protimeter. A robust and durable case protects the unit and the batteries have a long life. As well as benefiting from an automatic power-off function (after ten minutes of inactivity), which prolongs battery life further still. This function can be disabled if required.

The pins that are supplied are replaceable and spare pins are provided with each purchase. All in all, this is a device that suits both professional and general domestic needs.

To learn more about the ETI 7250 and read reviews click here

MMD7NP, Pinless Moisture Meter By General Tools

MMD7NP moisture meter

This device is slightly unusual as it operates without the use of pins/prongs that are normally found with damp proof meters.

This moisture meter represents pretty good value and is particularly useful for detecting moisture under finished surfaces.

The device has a sensing depth of 20mm for moisture detection. The General Tools Moisture Meter also comes complete with a water leak detector function. As well as separate settings for different surfaces.

The backlit LCD screen and 3-coloured LED bar graph are other useful features. Some users have suggestd that the meter is slightly less effective when operating in the high ranges. However, most people praise the functions and reliability of this product.

To learn more about the General tools MMD7NP and read reviews click here

Best Budget Damp Proof Meters (Under £50)

Brennenstuhl Moisture Detector MD 

brennenstuhl damp proof meter

The Brennenstuhl Moisture Detector is our number 1 choice for damp meter under £50. In fact it is considerably under £50

This device is capable of providing moisture readings of all typical surfaces, from wood to concrete and offers wide measurement ranges: 5%-50% for wood and 1.5%-33% for all other materials. Considering the low price this is quite impressive.

It can even be used on soft surfaces such as soil. This bit of kit is also an Amazon best seller. The fact that over 1000 reviews rate this product as ‘five stars’ really tells its own story.

The features of the Brennenstuhl are quite impressive. Especially when you consider many professional meters, can cost over 10X as much. and only offer slightly more in terms of features.

To learn more about the Brennenstuhl and read reviews click here

Stanley 077030 Damp Meter

Stanley 077030

The Stanley Moisture Meter is a close second place when it comes to budget damp meters. Firstly, it is a bargain and it offers a wide range of useful features. Not to mention it is an very well established brand here in the UK.

Professionals may want a little more from a damp proof meter. Having said that, there is a decent range of uses. Its main use is testing wood. However, it is also capable of providing readings in several other materials.

The testing range for moisture in wood is 6% to 44%. For other materials, such as mortar, concrete, plaster and brickwork, the range is 0.2% to 2%. The meter will just indicate ‘higher than 2%’ beyond that.

To learn more about the Stanley 077030 and read reviews click here

The Verdict

In life, in general, you tend to get what you pay for. The more money you spend, the more features you are likely to get.

This is true for any product. The cheaper one will still essentially do much of what the most expensive one does – it will just do it in a more basic way and will have other limitations.

The same is true of a damp proof meter. Professionals in the construction industry would probably not consider using a budget device, because they need the increased capabilities and features in their line of work.

Similarly, the average homeowner, who just wants a quick and easy indicator of damp in a property, doesn’t really need a device with the highest specifications.

Of course, it’s not been possible to list every damp proof meter here! This article just contains some of the most popular options within each price range. Let us know what you think of these devices. Also feel free to tell us your own experiences of using them, by posting a comment below.

If you have used a different damp proof meter that you would like to recommend, tell us about that too!