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There are many different causes of damp. However, the good news, is there are several effective, DIY damp proofing solutions to certain damp problems.

See if a Dehumidifier Can Stop Damp + Our Favourite Model

Condensation is the most common cause of internal damp in the UK. Solving this problem is often very simple, it is just a case of reducing relative humidity (the amount of moisture in the air). A dehumidifier is a great way of doing this, as it extracts moisture and collects it in a tank. This means the water can be disposed of easily and conveniently.

A dehumidifier can reduce condensation, stop mould from forming, as well as improve comfort levels in your home.

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Best Damp Course Injection

Rising damp can be a serious issue if left untreated. The main reason this happens is due to issues with an existing DPC (damp proof course). To replace an original DPC can be time-consuming, disruptive and quite expensive. However, modern damp proof injections make the process much more simple and most people would be able to do this as a DIY project.

Complete kits with instructions are available online and walk you through the damp proofing process step by step.

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Best Internal Damp Proofing Paint

Good damp-proof paint is a great way of adding protection to the internal walls of your home. Whilst you should always tackle the underlying cause of damp, a good damp proofing paint will provide extra protection from penetrating damp and residual moisture.

Damp-proof paint is extremely popular, as it is easy to apply and offers a cheap, hassle-free solution to simple damp-proofing jobs. However, there is a wide variety of products on the market. So which one is best?

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Read Our Detailed KA Tanking Slurry Review

Tanking slurry is another fantastic product, that can help you to protect internal walls and floors and even ceilings from penetrating damp. It is easy to prepare and can be painted on to surfaces with a brush. Its ease of application makes this type of tanking extremely popular for DIY damp proofing jobs.

You can read or full tanking slurry review and case study. In this case study, we show you how KA tanking slurry was used to convert an outdoor brick shed into a completely damp-proofed office space.

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See The Leading External Damp Proof Paint

Exterior damp proof paint can offer fantastic protection against penetrating damp. However, painting an entire property is a big job and you need to make sure you choose the right paint for the job. In our exterior damp proof paint review, we look at the leading damp proof paints for outdoor use.

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Best Masonry Paint

Masonry paint can offer great protection from less serious cases of penetrating and rising damp

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