Best Anti Mould Paint – Choosing the Right Anti Mould Paint For The Job

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Treating damp and mould can be a headache. Taking care of the damp and the issues that are causing it can be difficult enough, but what about the mould that often comes with it? That can be unsightly and even a health hazard.

Once you have solved any damp issues, you should try to protect your walls against mould in the future. The easiest way of doing this is to use some anti mould paint. The best anti mould paints can effectively stop the growth of mould in the future and help to protect against damp.

The best anti mould paints contain biocide chemicals. These kill off the bacteria that creates mould to give you a clean looking wall and future protection. However, anti mould paint is a bit of a controversial topic. When it comes to anti mould and damp proof paint, there are plenty of people out there who insist that it just doesn’t work. This comes down to using it incorrectly.

You must make sure you’re using the mould paint correctly by addressing the initial cause of the damp as well. Using the right mould paint is also important since they vary in effectiveness and potency.

We have scoured the market to find the best anti mould paints, for a variety of different scenarios. These are the paints that we have used personally, as well as the ones where customers report the best results. If you’re looking for anti mould paints that just work, then these are great contenders.

Ronseal Anti Mould Paint – Our Best Anti Mould Paint

ronseal 6 year anti mould paint

Ronseal makes a variety of different anti-mould and damp proof paints, but when it comes to anti mould this is our number one choice. This Ronseal anti mould paint just gets the job done. It contains a biocide inside the formula. This kills off bacteria and mould when they start to form. The protection should last up to 6 years, so you don’t have to worry about mould any time soon.

Ronseal anti mould paint is available in different colours and as an emulsion. With a lot of choices, you can seal your walls against mould without sacrificing how they look. You’ll get a good coverage per can with 13m2 per litre. It only takes around 2 hours to dry, so applying this anti-mould paint can be finished quite quickly.

Ronseal is one of, if not the best all-round anti mould paints available on the market. It is quite affordable, and most customers get what they need from it. Few have complaints about it not working when it is used correctly. This paint is protective against moisture too, but it is primarily for treating mould.


  • Lasts up to 6 years
  • Good coverage for price
  • Different colours and styles available
  • Quick to dry


  • Requires multiple coats
  • Less effective against damp

To learn more about Ronseal 6 Year anti mould paint click here

Dryzone Anti- Condensation Paint – Anti-Mould Paint for Condensation

dryzone anti condensation paint

This Dryzone anti condensation paint is formulated to fight against the damp that forms from condensation. It is also effective against the growth of mould that results from condensation damp. This is a more specific anti mould paint than the Ronseal. If you’re looking for protection against condensation damp and mould specifically, then this is the best anti mould paint for you.

This paint fights condensation with a thermal effect. It keeps the wall slightly warmer than average paint, which makes it harder for condensation to form. It also has an open-pore structure which makes it resistant to moisture while still being breathable.

Condensation damp can be a real hassle, but this type of paint does a great job at stopping it. It acts as a layer of protection against the growth of mould. This fights both condensation and its effects. It’s a paint that is tough on mould and tough on the causes of mould.


  • Keeps walls warm to discourage condensation settling
  • Open-pore structure to reduce moisture build up
  • Fights against the growth of mould
  • Dry After 1-3 Hours


  • Short shelf life can cause problems for some people
  • Very thick paint so poor coverage per litre

To learn more about Dryzone anti condensation paint click here

Rempro Thermal Paint – Good Anti Mould Paint for Painting Over

rempro thermal anti condensation paint

Many anti mould paints look good enough on the wall to not require a second coat. But that doesn’t work for everyone though. If you want to use a non-white colour or use wallpaper, it can be trickier to prevent mould. This is an anti mould and condensation paint that is formulated to be repainted. You can paint over it, and this paint won’t lose any effectiveness.

You can apply this paint as a thick layer over a wall to act as an insulator against condensation. It’s glass microspheres helps a wall retain heat, which stops condensation from building up. It also effectively treats mould that could grow from condensation.

Rempro thermal paint is great if you want something that gets the job done and can be hidden away after. Reviews find it to be functional and does what it says. It insulates your walls, and works fine if you paint over it with something a bit nicer looking.


  • Thermal Paint Keeps Surfaces Warm to Prevent Condensation
  • Works on Different Surfaces like Wallpapered Walls, Plaster, Brickwork, and Concrete
  • Blocks Mould and Fungal Growth
  • Can be Painted Over Without Losing Effectiveness


  • Very Thick
  • Difficult to Use with a Roller

To learn more about Rempro thermal paint click here

Dulux Easy Care Anti-Mould Paint – The Best Mould Paint for Bathrooms

dulux easy care anti mould paint

Dulux’s anti mould paint is specifically formulated for use in bathrooms. With a lot of hot water and often poor ventilation, bathrooms are some of the most common rooms for mould to grow in. This Dulux paint protects against mould, but also against all the steam and moisture that will hit a bathroom.

This is an anti-mould paint that looks good on your wall without having to use anything else. Coming from Dulux, you can get it in a variety of colours to match how your bathroom is decorated.

Reviews of this paint are generally positive, particularly in its ability to block mould. The paint is supposed to protect for up to five years. This is definitely one of the best anti mould paints available on the market, particularly if you’re trying to protect a bathroom.

The main drawback with this one is that it takes quite a few coats to finish. The paint isn’t very thick, so it can take more than two coats to cover an older colour in some cases. 


  • Resistant to Moisture and Steam
  • Protects Against Mould
  • Clean Presentable Look
  • Available in Different Colours


  • Requires Multiple Coats
  • More Expensive Per Litre Than Others

To learn more about Dulux easy care anti mould paint click here

Polycell Damp Seal – Our favourite Paint for Treating Damp Patches

A common source of mould is damp patches on walls. This Polycell damp seal paint is formulated to prevent the damp on walls from showing up. Once you’ve treated the cause of your damp, this anti-mould paint will help you to make sure the damp patches aren’t visible anymore.

This paint seals damp spots to prevent them from showing through. It also conveniently works in only one coat. That makes it simpler to apply than most of the others on this list of anti mould paints.

Reviews for this paint show most customers are satisfied with their results, it even works well on damp chimney breasts. This is a great paint to prevent mould and hide the damp patches that lead to mould in the first place. A lot of the best anti mould paints are more directed at condensation mould than damp patches, so this is a great alternative.


  • Seals Damp Patches
  • Only Needs 1 Coat
  • Can be Painted Over


  • Coverage Could Be Better

To learn more about Dulux easy care anti mould paint click here

Rempro Anti-Mould Paint Additive

repro anti mould paint addative

This Rempro additive is something a bit different. Rather than being paint formulated to stop damp, this is an additive for existing paint. It contains anti-mould agents that you can add to any tin and have it function as an anti-mould paint.

This is a great option if you want to only paint a wall once, and preferably still be able to use the exact colour that you want.

Paint options are more limited when you’re looking for a damp proof paint, so this additive can make things a bit easier. Reviews show that this paint additive does work pretty well. It might not get the same results as some of the more specific anti-mould paints on this list, but it is great if you want to use a certain paint for your walls.

One thing to keep in mind with this is the smell. Most people report it to have quite an unpleasant spell! This will pass, but you might want to make sure you have a window open while painting!


  • Can Be Added to Any Water Based Paint
  • Even Works with Wallpaper Paste
  • Stops Mould Growth
  • Easy to Use


  • Strong unpleasant smell

To learn more about Dulux easy care anti mould paint click here

Buying Guide – What Do You Need to Know About Anti Mould Paint?

Above we have listed some of the best anti mould paints on the market. Each offers something different, so there should be one to suit any problem.

As important as your choice of paint is, you should also consider the method that you use for applying it. Using anti-mould paint right can have great results. If not used properly, it won’t be as effective.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about anti-mould paints, mainly stemming from people using them incorrectly. So this is what you need to know about the best anti mould paints and how they work.

Does Anti-Mould Paint Really Work?

Anti mould paint does really work. It does more than just cover up the problem. Different paints use different methods, but most contain an agent that stops mould from growing. This effectively kills the mould before it starts to form on surfaces.

It is important to keep something else in mind though. You need to treat the source of damp that is causing your mould as well. The best anti mould paint can stop it from growing, but you need to address why it is growing in the first place. You need to fix the problem that is causing your damp to stop it from coming back, as well as treating your wall to stop the growth of mould.  

Should You Paint Over Mould?

Before applying your anti mould paint you should clean the wall and either remove the mould or allow it to dry. This will treat the wall and prepare it to be coated in the paint. Painting straight over the top of the mould itself won’t get as good results as cleaning the mould that is already there. This is especially the case if the mould is still damp and wet.

How Do I Stop Mould from Coming Through Paint?

You can stop mould from coming through your paint by using an anti-mould paint and addressing the cause of mould. Usually, the cause is going to be a form of damp. The first step is to diagnose what type of damp you have, this will help you to choose the correct damp proofing solution. Whether it is penetrating damp, rising, or condensation, the source needs to be fixed first. Otherwise, your protection against mould won’t work as well, because mould will still be forming.

After that, you need to treat the surfaces that had the mould to prevent it from coming back again. This is where your anti mould paint comes in. Each of these uses a different method or biocide to prevent the mould from growing. Whichever you use, removing the mould and then protecting your wall is the most effective way to stop mould from coming through the paint.